Friday, 5 May 2017

Online Pre-booking closes on Friday 19th May

If you've already booked your tickets for SCGC online, well done!  We'll be posting them out to you on Monday

If you still want to book your tickets online, you have until 23:59 on Friday 19th May to do so.

On Saturday 20th May (1 week before the Con!) we'll be removing the option to buy tickets from the website (because we wouldn't be able to guarantee them reaching you in time after this date).

You'll still be able to buy tickets from The Gamers Emporium and The Comix Shoppe until Friday 26th May.

Ticket holders will get queue jump access into the venue on the day, via their own special entrance rather than having to queue with the muggles who left it to the last minute.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Volunteers Needed!

 May The Fourth Be With You y'all!

SCGC is looking for a few more volunteers to help with the on the day running of the event this year.

If you think you could help man the ticket desk, sell raffle tickets, give people directions around the event or just be a generally useful go-fer, then download the application form and get it back to us ASAP.

Blaster Accuracy a bonus, not essential!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Good news and Bad news

Good news and bad news folks!

The GOOD news is that GAME have informed us that they won't be charging for their VR experience at the con. They've also given us a little more detail on what they'll be bringing along;

A 12 screen setup split into different activities;
- PSVR with Ocean Descent
- Minecraft time build
- Split-screen Rocket League offline
- FIFA skills challenge
- Street Fighter “King of the Hill” challenge

They'll also have a Retail Table and will be offering The GAME Cosplay Selfie Challenge. Come to the GAME stall in costume, have your photo taken and Twitter will decide who wins a GAME reward card points prize.

The BAD news is that our guest Andy Chambers will be unable to attend due to unforeseen family commitments. We wish Andy and his family all the best, and we hope that he'll be able to join us at next year's event.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

TCG Tournaments

Here's something for those of you who like Trading Card Games;

The Gamers' Emporium will be hosting Tournaments for Cardfight Vanguard, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh! at Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention 2017.

Full details can be found here.

Live Music Act Announced

We are pleased to announce that we'll be having live music at the Convention again this year.

This year, we'll be enjoying the talents of Jollyboat, the UK's top comedy pirate geek rock duo.

Mixing comedy, live music, visuals, audience interaction and a little behind-the-scenes computer programming, Jollyboat put on a show unlike anything you've seen before!

They have performed at Glastonbury among many other festivals, won the UK Musical Comedy Awards, and toured Europe & Australia. Jollyboat's act is energetic, visual and packed with fast-paced gags. They always have fun, and it's highly infectious!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Ricky and Adam offer a heartfelt invitation to this year's Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention which will be held at Brangwyn Hall on Saturday 27th May 2017 (10:00-18:00).

Tickets are now on sale here

SCGC Tickets are now on sale at The Gamers' Emporium!

Good news folks, you can now buy your tickets for #SCGC2017 at Swansea's favourite friendly local gaming store.

We'll be adding more locations to buy your tickets at over the next few days, and you can of course order your tickets online here

Tickets are only £5, and 50% of the ticket price goes to Maggie's Swansea.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

GAME Update

GAME have confirmed that, as well as their excellent selection of merchandise, they'll also be bringing two Playstation VR headsets with a selection of different experiences to SCGC.

Prices for these will be £5 for a 15 minute experience and £10 for a 30 minute experience, and will include titles such as Ocean Descent, Battlezone, RIGS, and EVE Valkyrie. For over 18's there will also be the opportunity to play the Resident Evil 7 Midnight Experience.

There will be no pre-booking for these experiences, so make sure to arrive good and early.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Guest Announcement

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT! We are pleased to announce Conor Boyle as our next guest.
Conor Boyle is an artist on the recent Hook Jaw mini-series, with Si Spurrier, Giulia Brusco & Rob Steen (Titan Comics). Conor has also drawn comics for many independent publishers including Accent UK, Dead Canary Comics, FutureQuake Press and drew the award winning graphic novel "1314: On Dangerous Ground" for the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre (National Trust for Scotland). He is also one half of Disconnected Press, set up in 2011 to promote up-and-coming comics creators in the UK.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Gaming Room update

We're pleased to announce that, as well as the main hall for SCGC where our guests and Exhibitors will be, we'll also have an entirely seperate room (The George Hall) for gaming in. Today, we can reveal two of the things that'll be going on there;

GAME (The UK's leading video games retailer) will be bringing a pair of Virtual Reality rigs with them, and these will be available to the public to use for a small fee throughout the day.
Esdevium Games (The UK's bigest importer of Board and Card Games) will be sending a three-strong demo team who will be on hand all day to teach you how to play a wide selection of board games for free!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Trader slots filling up...

If you were thinking about taking a stall at Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention this year as a trader, then you'd better act fast.

We've taken bookings for just over 75% of the available stalls so far (leaving us with 18 individual 6' tables left to book...) and only 8 weeks left until the event!

To book your stall, download the booking form, complete it and email it to

Members of the public can book their tickets here, and tickets purchased ahead of the event will get priority admission on the day.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Guest Announcement!

As promised we have another amazing guest announcement for you today, we are pleased to announce our next guest is comic book artist Dylan Teague.

Dylan Teague has been working in comics for about 20 years. He's done most of his work for  2000ad and Judge Dredd the megazine. More recently he's branched out into the French market working on 2 graphic novels for Delcourt and one for Kennes Editions.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Guest Announcement!

We're happy to announce our next guest, Steve Lockley.

Steve Lockley is the author of around a hundred short stories,including a couple of appearances in Doctor Who anthologies. 'Always a Dancer', a collection of his supernatural short fiction was published by FoxSpirit in 2015. He also has written almost 20 novels (though his name does not appear on all them). His most recent novel is 'The Empty Desk' based on the characters from the popular TV series 'Ghost Whisperer'. He has also written stories set in the worlds of Urban Gothic, Battletech, Arkham Horror and Zombies v Robots. He is part of the team that writes the Veil Knights series of Urban Fantasy novels as Rowan Casey.

 With Mike O'Driscoll, Steve was awarded the British Fantasy Society Special Award in 1996 for their work on the Welcome to my Nightmare horror convention held in Swansea. Steve has also served as a judge for the World Fantasy Awards.

Monday, 27 March 2017

More Guests to be announced this week!

Watch the skies folks, we've got two more guests to announce this week, and we'll be telling you who they are on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Stay tuned to our webpage ( and our Facebook and be the first to find out who else is coming to the con on 27th May this year!

Booked your tickets yet?  No...?  Shame on you!  Head straight on over to the tickets page and book now!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Guest Announcment

OK, so it's a day late (but you were watching the Rugby, and didn't notice... right?) but here is our next guest announcement;

We are pleased to announce that Dyfrig Griffiths (aka Iron Warrior Cosplay) will be our guest judge for the Cosplay Competition at this year's convention!

Widely known as Dyfrig the Ghostbuster, the founder of The Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters, has now set out on a new cosplay adventure as a 9ft tall Iron Warrior Space Marine from the Warhammer 40,000 setting.

Dyfrig is also known as Professor Verymental, an acclaimed tribute act to Professor Elemental, performing at various venues over the country, along with some live performances with the Professor himself and also Mr.B the Gentleman Rhymer.

He started his cosplay journey as a steampunk character of his own creation and has been in love with cosplay ever since. He's a friendly, all round decent chap and if his beard doesn't grab your attention, his booming voice certainly will.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

As promised, we are pleased to announce our next guest - Welsh Comic Artist Simon Williams.

Simon is a UK based professional comic artist who has worked on several Panini/Marvel UK titles, including TRANSFORMERS, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, DEATH'S HEAD and MARVEL HEROES. His work has also featured in various American publications, including TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS and MARS ATTACKS JUDGE DREDD from IDW, Erik Larsen's SAVAGE DRAGON, published by Image Comics, and WWE SUPERSTARS from Super Genius comics.

Simon has also produced artwork for various other forms of media, such as dvds, toys and collectable merchandise. These include the UK releases of the original TRANSFORMERS cartoon from Metrodome, and THE INCREDIBLE HULK (1966, 1982 and 1996 shows), the 90's X-MEN series and SPIDER-MAN (both the 1967 and 90's shows) from Clear-Vision.

Simon is also the creator of the Discotronic Funk Commandos™, a group of superheroes from the 1970s, who will be the stars of the upcoming RETRO TALES title from Simon's own RETRO COMICS GROUP imprint.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Our week of announcements kicks off this week with one for the Gamers...

We are pleased to announce that none other than Andy Chambers (yes, that Andy Chambers...) will be our guest at SCGC 2017!

Andy Chambers is a veteran writer and games designer with more than twenty five years experience. He is best known for his work in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. From 1990 to 2004 he worked at Games Workshop as lead designer for three editions of the Warhammer 40,000 miniatures game (2nd 3rd and 4th), as well as titles like Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Necromunda, Space Marine, Titan Legions, Epic 40,000, Gorkamorka and Battlefleet Gothic. Andy moved into PC gaming to work on the hit real time strategy game Starcraft 2 at Activision Blizzard. Andy is now working as creative director for Reforged Studios and as a creative consultant for Phoenix Labs in addition to designing worlds and writing fiction for a variety of other publishers including; Black Library, Fantasy Flight games, Hawk Wargames, Warlord Games, Dust Studios, Playmotion and Sega Interactive.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Announcing some Announcements!

We're please to announce that there will be more guests announced for the SCGC 2017 next week. Watch this space for updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week! Oooo... the excitement! The Tension! Who will it be? (Wargamers, Cosplayers and Comic fans... we've got your backs on this one!)

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Here's one for the Cosplayers!

We're pleased to announce that Photographer Richie Crossley and the team at Chic Studio Photography will be coming to Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention, and will be running a photo-station to document the awesome costumes that you'll all be wearing.

Photos will be uploaded to both our Facebook page and this site, and you'll be able to buy prints of your photo from the team on the day.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Guest Announcement!

We have big news for you today as we are pleased to announce our first guests for SCGC2017 are The Etherington Brothers!

The Etherington Brothers have been making all-ages comic adventures for over a decade, and are the creators of Long Gone Don, Monkey Nuts, Freaky and Fearless, Baggage and Von Doogan. They have created comics, stories and art for Star Wars, Transformers, The Phoenix, How to Train Your Dragon, The Dandy, Kung Fu Panda, Wallace & Gromit, Madagascar and James Bond. Their client list includes Disney, Dreamworks, Aardman, the BBC, and many of the world's largest book publishers. Their books have been translated into several languages, and they have toured the world performing sold out shows on creativity and storytelling. At the Swansea Comics and Gaming Convention they'll be brnging their FULL BACK CATALOGUE, and doing FREE sketches with every book sold!"

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Panels, Pixels and Pieces Episode 3: Turning Over a New Leaf.

In this episode Adam and Ricky invited some non comic reading friends, Sarah, Owen, Becky, and a returning Titch, to talk about comics. Each of the guests were given a mainstream comic and an independent comic before meeting up at Noah's Yard Swansea to share their thoughts.

Thank you to Noah's Yard for allowing us use of their function room

and Thank you to our guests Becky, Sarah, and Owen for joining us you can check out Owen's band Extinction here

Friday, 27 January 2017

Panels, Pixels & Pieces Episode 2: Warhammer it Home!

Adam, Ricky and Miles brave the very foggy wilds of Carmarthenshire to meet Dyfrig Griffiths AKA Iron Warrior Cosplay. In this episode Dyfrig teaches the guys about cosplay by showing off His Space Marine costume that gives him his cosplay page name.

You can learn more about Dyfrig and the people he mentions by following the links below.

Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters:

iron Warrior Cosplay

Ben of Kent Props:

Professor Verymental:

David Roth:

David Dayman:

Professor Elemental:

Friday, 20 January 2017

Panels, Pixels & Pieces Episode 2 Part 2: Building up Steam

Adam, Ricky and Miles brave the very foggy wilds of Carmarthenshire to meet Dyfrig Griffiths AKA Iron Warrior Cosplay. In this episode Dyfrig continues to teach the guys about cosplay by showing off his Steampunk equipment.

You can learn more about Dyfrig and the people he mentions by following the links below.

Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters:

iron Warrior Cosplay

Ben of Kent Props:

Professor Verymental:

David Roth:

David Dayman:

Professor Elemental:


Friday, 13 January 2017

Panels, Pixels & Pieces Episode 2: Who're you Gonna Call?

Adam, Ricky and Miles brave the very foggy wilds of Carmarthenshire to meet Dyfrig Griffiths AKA Iron Warrior Cosplay. In this episode Dyfrig teaches the guys about cosplay by showing off his Ghostbusters equipment.

You can learn more about Dyfrig and the people he mentions by following the links below.

Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters:

iron Warrior Cosplay

Ben of Kent Props:

Professor Verymental:

David Roth:

David Dayman:

Professor Elemental: