Exhibitors and Guests

Prices for exhibitors are as follows;
One 6' x 2½' Table (minimum booking)£40
Each Additional 6' x 2½' Table+ £20
Each 6' x 2½' Backing Table+ £10
Additional Trader Passes (2 included with booking)+ £2.50

Each Table is a standard 6' conference-style folding table, which will measure approx 6' x 2½'). Backing Tables will be the same size.

If you wish to book for this event then please download the booking form and email back to info@scgc.org.uk

Confirmed Guests

Andy Chambers is a veteran writer and games designer with more than twenty five years experience. He is best known for his work in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. From 1990 to 2004 he worked at Games Workshop as lead designer for three editions of the Warhammer 40,000 miniatures game (2nd 3rd and 4th), as well as titles like Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Necromunda, Space Marine, Titan Legions, Epic 40,000, Gorkamorka and Battlefleet Gothic. Andy moved into PC gaming to work on the hit real time strategy game Starcraft 2 at Activision Blizzard. Andy is now working as creative director for Reforged Studios and as a creative consultant for Phoenix Labs in addition to designing worlds and writing fiction for a variety of other publishers including; Black Library, Fantasy Flight games, Hawk Wargames, Warlord Games, Dust Studios, Playmotion and Sega Interactive.

The Etherington Brothers have been making all-ages comic adventures for over a decade, and are the creators of Long Gone Don, Monkey Nuts, Freaky and Fearless, Baggage and Von Doogan. They have created comics, stories and art for Star Wars, Transformers, The Phoenix, How to Train Your Dragon, The Dandy, Kung Fu Panda, Wallace & Gromit, Madagascar and James Bond. Their client list includes Disney, Dreamworks, Aardman, the BBC, and many of the world's largest book publishers. Their books have been translated into several languages, and they have toured the world performing sold out shows on creativity and storytelling. At the Swansea Comics and Gaming Convention they'll be brnging their FULL BACK CATALOGUE, and doing FREE sketches with every book sold!

Simon Williams is a UK based professional comic artist who has worked on several Panini/Marvel UK titles, including TRANSFORMERS, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, DEATH'S HEAD and MARVEL HEROES. His work has also featured in various American publications, including TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS and MARS ATTACKS JUDGE DREDD from IDW, Erik Larsen's SAVAGE DRAGON, published by Image Comics, and WWE SUPERSTARS from Super Genius comics.

Simon has also produced artwork for various other forms of media, such as dvds, toys and collectable merchandise. These include the UK releases of the original TRANSFORMERS cartoon from Metrodome, and THE INCREDIBLE HULK (1966, 1982 and 1996 shows), the 90's X-MEN series and SPIDER-MAN (both the 1967 and 90's shows) from Clear-Vision.

Simon is also the creator of the Discotronic Funk Commandos™, a group of superheroes from the 1970s, who will be the stars of the upcoming RETRO TALES title from Simon's own RETRO COMICS GROUP imprint.

Dyfrig Griffiths, (aka Iron Warrior Cosplay) will be our guest judge for the Cosplay Competition at this year's convention!

Widely known as Dyfrig the Ghostbuster, the founder of The Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters, has now set out on a new cosplay adventure as a 9ft tall Iron Warrior Space Marine from the Warhammer 40,000 setting.

Dyfrig is also known as Professor Verymental, an acclaimed tribute act to Professor Elemental, performing at various venues over the country, along with some live performances with the Professor himself and also Mr.B the Gentleman Rhymer.

He started his cosplay journey as a steampunk character of his own creation and has been in love with cosplay ever since. He's a friendly, all round decent chap and if his beard doesn't grab your attention, his booming voice certainly will.

Confirmed Exhibitors

3D Fantasy Art showcases the artwork of Deedee Davies. She creates fantasy, horror and gothic art using 3D modelling and rendering programmes.  3D Fantasy Art has been in business for around 10 years and offers a range of services, from book covers and CD artwork to custom character portraits.  A range of framed and unframed prints and postcards will be on sale at Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention 2017

You can find out more about 3D Fantasy Art at www.3dfantasyart.co.uk

AJ King is the author of the trilogy "The Power Vested in Me".
Beth Rose Jewellery make all kinds of jewellery with a geeky theme. They have a large collection for all ages and fandoms including Anime, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Pokemon with many items made to order. Charm bracelets are available and can be customized with any charms.
Blotz are a manufacturer of wargaming terrain, buildings, accessories and tokens for a variety of scales and genres using MDF and acrylic. Whether you play historical, fantasy or sci-fi games chances are they have something for you.
Cardiff Comics have a whole range of fantastic comic books at amazing prices!!
Deadstar Publishing was launched seven years ago with the intention of showcasing new talent by publishing books, comics and graphic novels with a focus on horror, science fiction and fantasy. They wanted to help creators get noticed and started with Rising Stars volume 1 – alumni from which have gone on to make comics their full time career.

Their current flagship titles are Dexter’s Half Dozen (nominated in 2014 for a Stan Lee True Believers Award) and the family friendly Dolphin Squad graphic novel.

THE FREAKS, GEEKS AND AUTOGRAPHS STORE - Autograph, collectibles, record and memorabilia store located in Swansea City Centre, South Wales, UK.
The Gamers' Emporium are Swansea’s independent retailer of board, card, miniature and role-playing games.
Hairy Ray's Bazaar is the place to get your preloved gaming goodies!
Little Dragon Designs creates original fantasy artwork in a variety of mediums. They craft beautiful one of a kind handmade sculptures of dragons and other creatures from polymer clay - from large statues and decorated boxes, to tiny little dragons nestled inside pocket watch cases! They create unique artwork including hand painted semi-precious stones that form stunning and unusual pieces of art and they also now have their own growing range of high quality pewter pendants cast from our original sculptures.
Naturally Kind Food is run by Andy and his partner Sara. They are both long term vegans and dedicate their time to creating delicious cakes and desserts which are then baked and prepared for their lovely customers.

Their main aim is to show people that vegan food can taste truly amazing. Long gone are the days when all you can eat as a vegan is tofu and lentils !

Peter James Maggs likes to see himself as a documentarian of the bizarre... but having never seen anything worth documenting he settles for making things up. He is the writer and artist of the webcomic 'The Many Strange Cases of Ghost Jones'.
The Retro Stash are a friendly local independent family run business who specialise in retro games and consoles. Also dealing in Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards and various collectible figures, they buy and trade as well as sell so why not come and see what they have to offer.
Sarah Elliot Is a North East England Author and Swansea University MA Creative and Media Writing Alumni, promoting her current novels and short stories. Sarah graduated from Swansea University in 2009 and her first work was published in 2014 with the current trilogy starting in 2016. She is extremely happy to be back in her University home town.
Science Fiction Collectables is Bridgend's independent toy and gift retailer. Specialising in entertainment brands, most of their products are unique in the area and they can frequently be found bringing their distinctive range to collector events throughout South Wales and the South West.
Swansea Comics Collective, a non-profit group of artists and writers who have been taking the Swansea comics scene by storm since 2008!
Waterstones are the last remaining chain of specialist bookshops on the high street, and with more ways to read than ever, as well as competition from things like the sheer mass of information in the digital space, we are challenged with making our shops welcoming and interesting places to browse and explore, offering outstanding service, and an unrivalled array of bookshop events. They are staffed with passionate, knowledgeable booksellers, selling the right range of books for the local market, and who are ready to recommend that book that you didn’t know you wanted.